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Our Inspiration

The Story behind Pāṇinian

Pāṇini or Dakshiputra Panini is the name of an ancient Sanskrit  linguist, grammarian, and a revered scholar in the ancient world, renowned for his treatise Ashtadhyayi, [Sanskrit Aṣṭādhyāyī which translates literally into “Eight Chapters” in English]. Ashtadhyayi presents a detailed and concise framework for Universal Grammer with well defined Morphology and Syntax of Sanskrit.


The Ashtadhyayi is Generative as well as descriptive. With its complex use of meta rules, transformations, and recursions, the grammar in Ashtadhyayi has been likened to the Turing Machine, an idealized mathematical model that reduces the logical structure of any computing device to its essentials.


This well-defined framework enables the system to generate infinite meaningful sentences from a finite set of Rules and Meta-Rules, paving way for one of the earliest recorded works on Knowledge Representation, Synthesis, Logic Programming, and Rule Engines. 


This phenomenal work has paved way for centuries worth of Knowledge Creation in Indo-Aryan and Scientific Literature.


At Paninian Inc we seek to celebrate and draw our inspiration from Pāṇini and his epic contributions to further our research in Artificial Intelligence in a meaningful way to enhance Human Creativity.








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